Top 10 Music Artists in Rwanda 2023

Top 10 Music Artists in Rwanda 2023

Top 10 Musicians in Rwanda 2023

Top 10 Musicians in Rwanda 2023

Between January 2023 and March 2023, Research 8020 embarked on a journey to discover the top 10 musicians in Rwanda. The study examined the popularity of musicians in Rwanda. This would help inform industry players and also set the stage for comparisons.

Without any further ado, here is the list of the top 10 musicians in Rwanda 2023:

1. Meddy

Meddy is a Rwandan singer and songwriter. By releasing the song “Slowly” in 2017, he gained international acclaim. The song became a major hit in East and Central African countries. As of March 2023, the song had received over 82 million views. This has cemented his place among Africa’s best artists.

2. Bruce Melodie

Bruce Melodie is a Rwandan singer-songwriter who is regarded as the country’s contemporary musical leader. He began singing in a church choir at a young age. It was then he released his debut song “Tubivemo” in August 2013 under the album ‘Ndumiwe’. He has since established himself as one of Rwanda’s best artists. His song ‘Katerina’ has garnered over 13 million views on YouTube as of March 2023.

3. The Ben

Benjamin Mugisha, professionally known as The Ben, is a Rwandan musician and songwriter. He is best known for featuring in the song “Why”, alongside Diamond Platnumz, which was released in 2021. His ‘Vazi’ video has received over 5.4 million views, establishing him as a household name in the music industry.

4. Andy Bumuntu

Andy Bumuntu is an Afro-soul and R&B musician who has steadily risen to prominence in the music industry. He discovered his musical talent at a young age. He has since honed it into one of the industry’s best sounds. As of March 2023, his song ‘On Fire’ had received over 12 million views.

5. Christopher Muneza

Christopher Muneza is a Rwandan singer-songwriter. He has established himself as one of Rwanda’s finest musical talents. This is after his audition by his mentor Clement Ishimwe when he was 15 years old. Muneza has established himself as a big-game player in the Rwandese music industry. His hit song ‘Nibido’ has garnered over 4 million views.

6. Clarisse Karasira

Clarisse Karasira is a Rwandan social preaching artist and singer, poet, and children’s rights advocate. She is best known for her hit single ‘Ntizagushuke‘, which has over 3.3 million views as of March 2023.

7. Niyo Bosco

Niyo Bosco is a musician, songwriter, and guitarist from Rwanda. He rose to prominence as a child prodigy among the most inventive musical figures. Niyo overcame the adversity of losing his sight at the age of 12 to sing. Bosco has since established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Rwandese musical scene. His hit single ‘Piyapuresha’, has amassed over 3.5 million views making it one of his most famous songs.

8. Social Mula

Social Mula is a Rwanda-based Afro-beat musician. He burst onto the scene in mid-2013 and has shown no signs of slowing down. This is evidenced by the release of his hit single ‘Ma Vie’, which has received over 5.6 million views.

9. King James

King James is a Rwandan R&B and Afrobeat singer and performer. He is well-known for his vibrant and captivating live shows. As of March 2023, his hit song ‘Ikitegerezo’ had over 3 million views.

10. The Boss Papa

The Boss Papa’s ‘Mariya Jeanne ya Nsengiyumva’ has established him as one of the best musical figures in Rwanda. The song has garnered over 3.5 million views as of March 2023. He has been able to amass fans from different areas of the country.

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