Research Survey Panel

Research Survey Panel

Research Survey Panel

For several decades, most surveys in Africa have been conducted face-to-face. The vast majority of these research surveys, respondents were interviewed only once. These types of surveys are usually expensive and time consuming in nature. Face-to-face surveys generally provide accurate data. They also allow the respondent to respond to relatively long surveys of up to 60 minutes. That said, declining response rates owing to growing privacy concerns and the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020 has led to dramatic decrease in the feasibility of conducting in person surveys.

While these changes were occurring, other trends were making online surveys and telephonic surveys more appealing. Internet access has been expanding, smartphone use has grown significantly, and survey methodologists at Research 8020 have demonstrated the measurement advantages of online and telephonic surveys.

The number of surveys conducted online and via telephone is on the rise. Most users have found the combination of low cost and speed of doing surveys very appealing.

These trends led to the development of our own proprietary research survey panel. This is comprised of a set of respondents who agree to take interviews over time. This reduces the need to sample, contact and persuade new respondents each time new data are needed.

This survey panels are a new innovation especially in Africa. Research 8020 is thankful to be pioneering research survey panels across the continent.

Our goal is to make access to quality insights through market research highly affordable and fast.

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