Market Research Company in Rwanda

 Market Research Company In Rwanda

Market research is necessary when making important business decisions. Most companies outsource their market research to a reliable market research company in Rwanda like Research 8020. We’re familiar with a wide array of methodologies. We have not only attended thousands of projects and worked with numerous clients but have also been out there for more than 20 years. We’ve therefore seen it all & are ready to deal with your next research task.

Our market research company in Rwanda is always keen to help businesses recognize growth opportunities & construct a competitive strategy based on a precise understanding of consumers & the overall marketplace. We at Research 8020 use a solid, complete research strategy to ensure utmost research coverage.

Some of the major services we provide include:

By using our resourceful analytics & research services, we help businesses understand the present position of a particular business in the marketplace. We also assess the economical, social and political market factors that influence the development of any industry and as a result offer highly dependable analysis services. Our complete industry analysis services include technology shifts, customer behavior analysis, demographic elements analysis, etc.

Research 8020 assist businesses in creating M&E programs that are necessary when determining the competence of projects while also applying accumulated knowledge for overall improvement. We cover all steps of the Monitoring and Evaluation process including log frame creation, data collection, data analysis, data visualization and program visualization.

Being one of the leading market research companies in Rwanda, we’re equipped with a team of knowledgeable and experienced individuals who’re experts in fieldwork and data collection. Our team offers various exceptional services before sharing data for further analysis. These services include guidance on choosing method, sampling, offering inputs in questionnaire designing as well as subsequent project execution – supervising field work progress, coding and data processing. We also offer data collection for clients who don’t wish a comprehensive market research report.

Quick statistics of RWANDA
Country Rwanda
National Population 12,736,696
Capital City Kigali
Population 745,261
Official Language
GDP Nominal $10B
GDP Per Capita $831
Life Expectancy
69 years
Literacy Rate 71%
Employment Rate 84%
Poverty Rate 60%
Mobile Penetration 81%
Internet Penetration 47%