Market Research Company in Algeria

Market Research Company in Algeria

Research 8020 is your go-to market research company in Algeria. We’re familiar with a wide array of methodologies. We have not only attended thousands of projects and worked with numerous clients but have also been out there for more than 20 years. We’ve therefore seen it all & are ready to deal with your next research task.

As a full service company for market research in Algeria, we specialize in customized quantitative and qualitative research solutions. Our company provides different market analysis methods that significantly help brands get a deep understanding of their competitors as well as overall market place. We also assist brands to keep an eye on changing demands and in-market performance through well-suited research techniques.

 The market research services in Algeria we provide include:

Since we have been serving this industry for over 20 years, we undoubtedly have the needed skills as well as expertise to offer clients with precise online market research services. You can expect us to help you right from primary data collection, database maintenance, questionnaire design, market segmentation, desk research, market sizing, profiling, etc.

Our team is made up of qualitative & quantitative data management professionals. They expertise in monitoring and evaluation survey as a part of our comprehensive market research services. Our monitoring and evaluation survey tools help our clients improve performance and achieve results for their programs. We clearly understand that monitoring and evaluation is an integral part of any project or business undertaking. Thus our team creates an atmosphere where the chance of optimal usage of resources and transparent monitoring and evaluation protocols in place.

We also offer fieldwork and data collection to accomplish projects swiftly. We collect data by making use of telephonic, face to face, mobile and online interviews. Our field work comprises of a multi-stage process supervised by a central team. Our field work and data collection for market research in Algeria follows a strict quality control process under close supervision.

Feel free to get in touch whenever you are looking for one of the best market research companies in Algeria.

Quick statistics of Algeria
Country Algeria
National Population 42,972,878
Capital City Algiers
Population(capital) 3,915,811
Official Language
GDP Nominal $172B
GDP Per Capita $3,980
Life Expectancy
76 years
Literacy Rate 81%
Employment Rate 37%
Poverty Rate
Mobile Penetration 114%
Internet Penetration 52%