Modern Dating: Fancy a situationship?

Modern Dating: Fancy a situationship?

“A situationship” is a relationship where it’s like friendship, more than friendship but definitely a relationship with no label.”

The new modern romantic relationship.

Dating and Relationship expert Sarah Louise Ryan defines situationship as a pseudo-relationship. A placebo masking itself as a relationship but the reality is that it is not.

 “Confusing right”, Well in this new modern scenes of dating our generation has to deal with various forms of dating an example online dating. For today will talk about “situationship”.

But really when did Dating seem so confusing? For my parents back in the days they would go for multiple dates, watch movies, go for dances at “discos”, meet others parents and have an engagement proposal to seal the deal.

So for instance you date someone, you do the things people in relationship do exempting the part where you cannot call them your girlfriend or boyfriend.

I mean, what are we then? This question is however crucial as it can end whatever thing was going on between the two of you. I Always thought to my self-hook-ups were toxic this right here is a ticking time bomb.

Shining light to this situation, as a grown adult we tend to have needs that arise in different points of our lives. So situationship isn’t as bad if you are indeed aware that you are in and that it can end at any point.

Mental health counsellor Justine Carino says “If you are spending time in a temporary travelling destination, or temporarily re-located from work. A situationship might be a good thing. If you know from the beginning that the relationship can come to an end. Till then you may have less of the need to define it.”

Can situationship be turned around to a relationship?

Possibly if the two of you have the same prospective on making the relationship become real and a serious one.

But what are the odds? is there any chance?

Psychologist and interpersonal communications Professor Marianne Dainton, “it’s important that the situationship started with a deep understanding, open communication and respect for one another.”

She also emphasized that the question “what are we?” is a bad idea to pop before or after sex.

Situationships can be complex, you would feel that something good will come out of it, perhaps things can change? But it doesn’t.

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