Market Research Company in Zambia

Market Research Company in Zambia

Research 8020 is a full-service market research company in Zambia, specializing in qualitative as well as quantitative research solutions. We provide market research data that gives a better understanding of the Zambian market so as to fix our client’s business related problems. Proper management of market research projects requires special skills. Thus our professional team for market research ensure that you will have the right insights to help you succeed in this market.

Through our cutting-edge technologies, research techniques and analysis tools, we make sure that our clients receive the most appropriate data through a fully effective project execution.

As one of the most dynamic market research companies in Zambia,  we assist our clients to get ahead of their competitors. By using our resourceful analytics & research services, we help businesses understand the present position of a particular business in the marketplace. We also assess the economical, social and political market factors that influence the development of any industry and as a result offer highly dependable analysis services. Our complete industry analysis services include technology shifts, customer behavior analysis, demographic elements analysis, etc.

Some of the market research services in Zambia we provide include:

Our crew of research analysts is competent enough to offer you with resourceful & engaging surveys that are certain to offer you with superior outcomes. By using smart strategies & formats we help you acquire more conversions & improved quality surveys with our questionnaire designs.

Our Monitoring and Evaluation service support proof based decision-making focusing on the full data lifecycle to make sure that quality data & information are translated into knowledge and action. We also leverage our institutional strengths and technology to improve our monitoring and evaluation services.

Regardless of what your operational field is, the type of data that you collect and appraise will always be either a competitive edge, or an unfavorable misuse of time & resources. Data collected without in-depth research will do no good to your marketing products and services. We use advanced technology in our fieldwork and data collection services, which makes it the most effective solution for your business growth. A comprehensive perspective with keen attention to detail is part and parcel of our data collection process.

Research 8020 is certainly one of the best market research companies in Zambia.

Quick statistics of Zambia
Country Zambia
National Population 17,351,822
Capital City Lusaka
Population 2.5m
Official Language
GDP Nominal $23B
GDP Per Capita  $1,307
Life Expectancy
64 years
Literacy Rate 86%
Employment Rate 31.8%
Poverty Rate
Mobile Penetration 96%
Internet Penetration 14.3%