Market Research Company in Somalia

Market Research Company in Somalia

Being one of the leading market research company in Somalia, we offer you with relevant information regarding industry trends, market, competitor’s strategies, and innovations in the marketplace. These as a result helps you plan effective marketing strategies, make informed decisions and most importantly reach to your potential clients far & wide. We at Research 8020  also understand the secret to get a competitive advantage lies in having a deep insight of the competitors, target audience, and the market.

Our experts can do it all right from not only using industry best practices in gathering, documenting, and assessing data but also helping you introduce a new product or service, create a business plan, set prices, expand into new markets, etc. Our services include market assessment, peer group development modeling & project evaluation, data mining & segmentation, market assessment, competitor analysis and a lot more.

We help businesses in doing diverse types of surveys important for market research:

Our experts recognize your clients and section them according to demographics, geographic location, psychographics as well as socio-cultural factors which will ultimately help in running targeted marketing campaigns.

If you’re about to introduce a new product in the marketplace, our market research company in Somalia can assist you in conducting its primary showing in front of the target market. We also offer you with information about suitability of the product, chances of purchase, likes & dislikes, etc.

Monitoring and Evaluation must be a critical part of any serious business. Therefore at Research 8020 we use different approaches for executing Monitoring and Evaluation since ensuring that M&E accompanies most initiatives would usually give rise to objectivity, lessen time & cost, and maximize returns.

If your survey is designed & ready to go, you must be looking for a reliable company to collect data. Use Research 8020, and you will definitely get an experienced in-house team, optimal quality of data, a format of your choice and delivery to your timescale.

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Quick statistics of SOMALIA
Country Somalia
National Population 15,442,905
Capital City Mogadishu
Population 2,587,183
Official Language
GDP Nominal $8B
GDP Per Capita $215
Life Expectancy
57 years
Literacy Rate 38%
Employment Rate 86%
Poverty Rate 69%
Mobile Penetration 58%
Internet Penetration 10%