Market Research Company in Zimbabwe

Market Research Company in Zimbabwe

With Research 8020 as your partner in market research in Zimbabwe, you will be assured that we are a partner with a genuine interest in the success of your company. We have a team of research specialists who’ll join hands with you to pinpoint your business objectives, develop an appropriate research approach and most importantly deliver it within the limits of your budget.

By using our resourceful analytics & research services, we help businesses understand the present position of a particular business in the marketplace. We also assess the economical, social and political market factors that influence the development of any industry and as a result offer highly dependable analysis services. Our complete industry analysis services include technology shifts, customer behavior analysis, demographic elements analysis, etc.

Some of the market research services in Zimbabwe we provide include:

Since we have been serving this industry for over 20 years, we undoubtedly have the needed skills as well as expertise to offer clients with precise online market research services. You can expect us to help you right from primary data collection, database maintenance, questionnaire design, market segmentation, desk research, market sizing, profiling, etc.

Our Monitoring and Evaluation service support proof based decision-making focusing on the full data lifecycle to make sure that quality data & information are translated into knowledge and action. We also leverage our institutional strengths and technology to improve our monitoring and evaluation services.

Research 8020 is highly dedicated to deliver the insights and intelligence about emerging markets within Zimbabwe through quality fieldwork and data collection. By understanding the market conditions thoroughly, we as a result enable our clients make well-informed decisions.

As one of the best market research companies in Zimbabwe, we do everything at the best of our ability to uncover insightful market realities, thus leading to gains substantially.

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art market research techniques and tools; contact us today.

Quick statistics of Zimbabwe
Country Zimbabwe
National Population 14,650,000
Capital City Harare
Population (Capital)
Official Language
GDP Nominal $21.44 B
GDP Per Capita $1,463
Life Expectancy
61 years
Literacy Rate 89%
Employment Rate 95%
Poverty Rate
Mobile Penetration 90%
Internet Penetration 27%