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Research 8020 –Market Research Company in Uganda

Research 8020 is a full-service market research company in Uganda evolved with latest market trends to become future-fit by embracing the new technology. We specialize in providing unique solutions for market research in Uganda by ensuring market insights within quick turnaround time frames.

Our Uganda market research company strongly believes that to maximize the profitability of your business and make informed strategic and operational decisions, you need information and conclusions that are independent, accurate and up to date.

Being one of the premier market research companies in Uganda, we provide insightful, in-depth and opportunity focused market research solutions. Our market research comprises of two processes – monitoring and evaluation survey and fieldwork and data collection.

We help businesses in doing diverse types of surveys important for market research:

Customers need change, markets shift and your competitors are adapting. Hence, it’s time for you to change with in-depth market research in Uganda. At Research 8020, we understand the significance of valuable time and resources. Therefore, we focus more on monitoring the market research and conducting evaluation survey of gathering research data.

Every step of the process is created with measurable and deliverables for the research project to be executed properly. Using the industry-best tools and online data sources, our market research experts are capable of discovering more about our customer’s interests, activities, demographics and insights on your competitors.

During the market research process, we identify new markets or opportunities that drive revenue for your business. In addition, our market research company in Uganda strives to uncover the least competitive and most relevant place to market products or services to your market.

Research 8020 is highly dedicated to deliver the insights and intelligence about emerging markets within Uganda through quality fieldwork and data collection. By understanding the market conditions thoroughly, we as a result enable our clients make well-informed decisions. As one of the best market research companies in Uganda, we do everything at the best of our ability to uncover insightful market realities, thus leading to gains substantially.

Our Uganda market research experts are able to penetrate and inform on emerging markets and the flexibility of market research programs. At Research 8020, our market research design is also flexible to match your requirements and as per the industry standard.

Contact us today for key, practical insights in the markets through fieldwork and data collection in Uganda.

Quick statistics of UGANDA
Country Uganda
National Population 44,269,594
Capital City Kampala
Population 1,353,189
Official Language
GDP Nominal $34B
GDP Per Capita $828
Life Expectancy 63 years
Literacy Rate 78%
Employment Rate 91%
Poverty Rate 32%
Mobile Penetration 77%
Internet Penetration 41%