Market Research Company in South Africa

Market Research Company in South Africa

Research 8020 is a full-service market research company in South Africa, specializing in qualitative as well as quantitative research solutions. Market research is a methodical investigation into a subject to explore facts, create, or revise a theory or design a plan of action based on the discovered facts.

We provide market research data that gives a better understanding of South Africans market so as to fix our client’s business related problems. Proper management of market research projects requires special skills. Thus our professional team for market research ensure that you will have the right insights to help you succeed in this market.

Using fully trained, multilingual interviewers, centrally and consistently managed, we undertake majority of our data collection from our South Africa based office. Our unique approach to market research focuses more on one-on-one personal interactions to ensure a proper understanding of client’s target market.

Through our cutting-edge technologies, research techniques and analysis tools, we make sure that our clients receive the most appropriate data through a fully effective project execution.

We help businesses in doing diverse types of surveys important for market research:

In a competitive environment, it’s necessary to measure the quality of customer services that your employees are providing at the point of service. We therefore aim to work with clients to grow customer loyalty and improve profitability. The main objective of our market research solutions is to ensure that you not only launch superior products and services but at the best possible value.

As one of the leading market research companies in South Africa, Research 8020 works with clients to improve their efficiency through quality data insights that distinguish them from the competition.

The market research tactics we use are flexible to match your needs and standards and are maintained by our senior experienced researchers within our team.

Our Monitoring and Evaluation:

Our monitoring and evaluation survey tools help our clients improve performance and achieve results for their programs. We clearly understand that monitoring and evaluation is an integral part of any project or business undertaking. Thus our team creates an atmosphere where the chance of optimal usage of resources and transparent monitoring and evaluation protocols in place.

In addition, Research 8020 uses proven approaches for conducting monitoring and evaluation and the exact tool of choice depends on the project together with other important variables.

Our market research company in South Africa focuses on conducting fieldwork and data collection to turn around projects promptly. We gather data using face to face, telephonic, web and mobile interviews. Furthermore our fieldwork infrastructure and market research in South Africa strive to drive outstanding results.

We are highly committed to delivering actionable solutions for market research in South Africa to our customers. Through quality fieldwork and data collection, we are also dedicated to maintain uncompromising professionalism, integrity and commitment.

Feel free to contact us today regarding your market research needs.

Quick statistics of SOUTH AFRICA
Country South Africa
National Population 58,558,270
Capital City Pretoria
Population 741,651
Official Language
GDP Nominal $371B
GDP Per Capita $6,331
Life Expectancy
64 years
Literacy Rate 94%
Employment Rate 72%
Poverty Rate 49%
Mobile Penetration 89%
Internet Penetration 56%