Market Research Company in Namibia

Market Research Company in Namibia

Research 8020 is your go to market research company in Namibia for the most comprehensive research solutions. Regardless of what your operational field is, the type of data that you collect and appraise will always be either a competitive edge, or an unfavorable misuse of time & resources.

Data collected without in-depth research will do no good to your marketing products and services. Without accurate market research you can’t accomplish anything concrete, regardless of how innovative and efficient your product is. As one of the most dynamic market research companies in Namibia, we take pride in offering complete research solutions & strategic intelligence services.

Over the years we have been offering exceptional customized research services to both national & international clients. Our company provides different market analysis methods that significantly help brands get a deep understanding of their competitors as well as overall market place. We also assist brands to keep an eye on changing demands and in-market performance through well-suited research techniques.

From conducting multinational, multilingual interviews to trained face-to-face interviews in the Namibia, we focus on every aspect of market research. Our market research involves two essential processes, extensive monitoring and evaluation survey as well as fieldwork and data collection.

Some of the market research services in Namibia we provide include:

Our crew of research analysts is competent enough to offer you with resourceful & engaging surveys that are certain to offer you with superior outcomes. By using smart strategies & formats we help you acquire more conversions & improved quality surveys with our questionnaire designs. You can expect us to help you right from primary data collection, database maintenance, questionnaire design, market segmentation, desk research, market sizing, profiling, etc.

Our monitoring and evaluation survey tools help our clients improve performance and achieve results for their programs. We clearly understand that monitoring and evaluation is an integral part of any project or business undertaking. Thus our team creates an atmosphere where the chance of optimal usage of resources and transparent monitoring and evaluation protocols in place.

As a part of marketing research, we also offer fieldwork and data collection to accomplish projects swiftly.

Feel free to contact us today for reliable and efficient market research.

Quick statistics of NAMIBIA
Country Namibia
National Population 2,448,255
Capital City Windhoek
Population 431,000
Official Language
GDP Nominal $14B
GDP Per Capita $5,842
Life Expectancy
61 years
Literacy Rate 91%
Employment Rate 46.3%
Poverty Rate
Mobile Penetration 115%
Internet Penetration 51%