Market Research Company in Democratic Republic of Congo

Market Research Company in Democratic Republic of Congo

At Research 8020 are one of the most reputable and progressive digital age market research company in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We specialize in quantitative as well as qualitative market research . Our market research techniques and tools help you identify the areas where your business can flourish the most. From initial briefing to data delivery and more, our expert executives certainly manage all the projects with sheer diligence.

With extensive analysis, our experienced team finds meaningful insights for our clients efficiently. Furthermore, our team has years of experience in market research. This enables us to helps our clients understand the market and consumer behavior with the use of up-to-date technology and established approaches.  Such advancements have made us a leading market research company in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Moreover, our market research is professional and accurate since we are equipped with highly trained and professional staff.

From conducting multinational, multilingual interviews to trained face-to-face interviews in the DRC, we focus on every aspect of market research. Our market research involves two essential processes, extensive monitoring and evaluation survey as well as fieldwork and data collection.

We help businesses in doing diverse surveys  for market research :

At Research 8020 completely understand how the monitoring and evaluation survey plays an essential role in any business undertaking. We therefore provide a thorough monitoring and evaluation survey with the help of advanced tools and techniques.  As a result, our surveys help our clients in enhancing their performances and achieve the desired results. In addition, we make sure to create an environment that ensures optimal usage of resources and transparent monitoring and evaluation protocols.

At Research 8020, we make use of the best and most effective approaches and appropriate set of tools to conduct monitoring and evaluation survey in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Being one of the most reputable market research companies in the DRC, we especially take initiatives to give rise to project objectivity, reduce time, and cost as well as maximizing returns.

Fieldwork and Data Collection:

Since Research 8020 understands the importance of fieldwork and data collection in the field of market research in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We involve a multi-stage process for conducting a prompt fieldwork and data collection under the supervision of a central team. Our fieldwork and data collection procedure includes initial briefing, face to face interviews, telephonic interviews, advanced approach, extensive training, supervision, and comprehensive quality control.

With our prompt and quality fieldwork and data collection, our clients understand the market situation effortlessly. We take pride in our sheer professionalism, reliability, and commitment to our work.

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Quick statistics of DRC
Country DRC
National Population 86,790,567
Capital City Kinshasa
Population 7,785,965
Official Language
GDP Nominal 48B
GDP Per Capita 495
Life Expectancy
60 years
Literacy Rate 64%
Employment Rate 90%
Poverty Rate
Mobile Penetration 44%
Internet Penetration 9%