Market Research Company in Cameroon

Market Research Company in Cameroon

Research 8020 is one of the leading market research company in Cameroon that offers you with relevant information regarding industry trends, market, competitor’s strategies, and innovations in the marketplace. These as a result helps you plan effective marketing strategies, make informed decisions and most importantly reach to your potential clients far & wide. We at Research 8020  also understand the secret to get a competitive advantage lies in having a deep insight of the competitors, target audience, and the market.

With extensive analysis, our experienced team finds meaningful insights for our clients efficiently. Furthermore, our team has years of experience in market research. This enables us to helps our clients understand the market and consumer behavior with the use of up-to-date technology and established approaches.  Such advancements have made us a leading market research company in the Cameroon. Moreover, our market research is professional and accurate since we are equipped with highly trained and professional staff.

Some of the market research services in Cameroon we provide include:

Market segmentation surveys help you understand what different members of your target market have in common & how they vary. In light of this, survey done by our expert gives you a better picture of the product from the customer point of view.

Concept testing surveys are crucial because they are an excellent way to comprehend the new product’s probability for success. Our researchers are capable of conducting concept testing survey to evaluate brand extensions, new value propositions, product reformulations and new business ideas.

Our Monitoring and Evaluation service support proof based decision-making focusing on the full data lifecycle to make sure that quality data & information are translated into knowledge and action. We also leverage our institutional strengths and technology to improve our monitoring and evaluation services.

We use advanced technology in our fieldwork and data collection services, which makes it the most effective solution for your business growth. A comprehensive perspective with keen attention to detail is part and parcel of our data collection process. Our in-house researchers & interviewers are also highly trained in every kind of research. They comprehend the entire process, from survey to data analysis, thus bringing a complete perspective to their data collection activities.

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Quick statistics of Cameroon
Country Cameroon
National Population 25,216,237
Capital City Yaoundé
Population 3,992,000
Official Language
GDP Nominal $38B
GDP Per Capita  $1,515
Life Expectancy
59 years
Literacy Rate 77%
Employment Rate 76%
Poverty Rate
Mobile Penetration 90%
Internet Penetration 23.2%