Market Research Company in Burundi

Market Research Company in Burundi

At Research 8020, we’re a full-service market research company in Burundi with a huge client base. We provide end to end research starting from ‘Research design’ to ‘Report presentation’. In addition, we offer advance research services by not only associating with our customers in executing the solution but also post execution analysis.

As one of the most dynamic market research companies in Burundi, we take pride in offering complete research solutions & strategic intelligence services. We assist our clients to get ahead of their competitors especially by offering critical information to identify and evaluate the market need, size and competition. Be it introducing a new product or planning to jump into any other kind of risk bearing initiatives, with our competent market research, we can assist businesses get a strong hold over their endeavors. Our crew of market research experts is trained to deal with any sort of need of global clients.

Some of the market research services in Burundi we provide include:

Our crew of research analysts is competent enough to offer you with resourceful & engaging surveys that are certain to offer you with superior outcomes. By using smart strategies & formats we help you acquire more conversions & improved quality surveys with our questionnaire designs.

Since we have been serving this industry for over 20 years, we undoubtedly have the needed skills as well as expertise to offer clients with precise online market research services. You can expect us to help you right from primary data collection, database maintenance, questionnaire design, market segmentation, desk research, market sizing, profiling, etc.

Our Monitoring and Evaluation service support proof based decision-making focusing on the full data lifecycle to make sure that quality data & information are translated into knowledge and action. We also leverage our institutional strengths and technology to improve our monitoring and evaluation services.

Our in-house researchers & interviewers are highly trained in every kind of research. They comprehend the entire process, from survey to data analysis, thus bringing a complete perspective to their data collection activities. We can provide data in any preferred format including Excel, SAV, CSV, DAT among others.

Research 8020 is certainly one of the best market research companies in Burundi.

Quick statistics of BURUNDI
Country Burundi
National Population 11,530,580
Capital City Bujumbura
Population(capital) 331,700
Official Language French
GDP Nominal $4B
GDP Per Capita $310
Life Expectancy
61 years
Literacy Rate 86%
Employment Rate 98%
Poverty Rate
Mobile Penetration 52%
Internet Penetration 5%