Top 10 Music Artists in Nigeria 2024

Top 10 Music Artists in Nigeria 2024

Top 10 Musicians in Nigeria 2024

Top 10 Musicians in Nigeria 2024

The Nigerian music scene is a study in constant flux. Our analysis has identified and ranked the nation’s top 10 artists for 2024, spotlighting seismic shifts in popularity. While some veteran mainstays still retain their elite status, new talents have unseated others through explosive breakouts this past year.

From steadfast superstar Burna Boy to the meteoric rise of Rema, fresh faces have catapulted into the upper echelon. Even as fan favorites like Yemi Alade slip in the ranks, bold newcomers like Arya Starr have seized their chance to enter the top 10 fray.

The only constant is change in Nigeria’s accelerating music industry, where competition is fierce and fortunes shift rapidly. The powerhouse of African Music, Nigeria stands. The following are the top 10 artists defining the pulse of Nigerian music in 2024.

1. Burna Boy

Burna Boy’s rise to become Nigeria’s #1 artist in 2024 is remarkable. First breaking out in 2012 with “Like to Party,” he’s soared to fame since his 2013 debut L.I.F.E. Today, the African Giant dominates charts across Africa and worldwide.

At the 2023 BET Awards, he clinched a 4th Best International Act win. The Headies also granted Burna Boy Afrobeats Single and Song of the Year for “Last Last.” The runaway smash “On the Low” has amassed an astonishing 359 million YouTube views, cementing its status as one of Africa’s most-watched songs ever. Statistics affirm Burna Boy as a bonafide superstar.

From early hits to today’s unprecedented triumphs, Burna Boy’s ascendance has been meteoric. Collaborations with global artists have fueled his crossover appeal.

Recent accolades reaffirm his dominance in Afropop and Afrofusion. The numbers don’t lie – Burna Boy has unequivocally claimed his throne as Africa’s preeminent artist.

2. Wizkid

The starboy’s tunes shine bright, his melodic voice serenading fans wanting more. Inspired by Afrobeat legends like Fela Kuti, Wizkid harnessed the perfect blend of sounds. Once neck and neck with Davido, his talent prevailed, earning him the runner-up spot in 2024.

His musical journey began at 11, and his pace unwavering since. Wizkid’s hits accumulate remarkable numbers, like “Joro” with over 260 million views by December 2023. Though second on the list, the Nigerian hitmaker’s enduring musical prowess still captivates.

His catchy beats and hypnotic voice keep fans enthralled, eagerly awaiting his next hit. Wizkid follows the footsteps of Afrobeat pioneers, fusing their influence into his unique style.

Though some completion exists, Wizkid’s artistry shines through, as evidenced by his continuously growing success. His melodies show no signs of fading anytime soon.

3. Davido

Sliding into third in 2024 after leading in 2018, Davido still has much to offer. Once neck and neck with Wizkid as Kings of Afrobeats, their friendly rivalry birthed masterpieces. After the tragic 2022 drowning of his son, Davido took a sabbatical.

The fire between the two stars has simmered, now focused solely on music. Though slowed, Davido’s shine hasn’t ceased. In 2017, his hits “If” and “Fall” made global waves, the latter becoming the longest-charting Nigerian pop track on Billboard.

By November 2023, Davido earned 3 Grammy nods for his album and singles. His unmatched influence is clear. The iconic “Fall” has amassed over 276 million views by December 2023, cementing his spot as one of Nigeria’s most celebrated artists.

Despite recent trauma, Davido remains a commanding force. His pedigree and catalog ensure his status atop the scene won’t easily be shaken. Though the race with Wizkid has cooled, Davido’s immortal hits light the path forward. His best may still be yet to come.

4. Rema

The prince of Afrobeats, Rema’s star is on the rise. After his 2019 hit “Dumebi,” the Nigerian singer-rapper gained fame internationally with 2022’s smash “Calm Down.” The Selena Gomez remix reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the Afrobeats chart for a record 58 weeks.

By December 2023, it had amassed over 549 million views, rocketing Rema into Nigerian stardom. This wildly embraced track exemplified his rapid growth. Once a promising upstart, he’s now one of Nigeria’s most popular artists, entering the top 10 at #4.

Rema leveraged the song’s success into global collaborations and label deals. His performance of “Calm Down” at the 2022 World Cup underscored his arrival on the world stage. But Rema is just getting started.

As the crown prince of Afrobeats, his youth and talent ensure his shine won’t relent anytime soon. With international fame secured, the future looks bright for Rema to become the king of the global Afrobeats scene.

5. Tekno Miles

Tekno Miles has continuously evolved with the music landscape. Enrolled in music school at 8, he mastered piano and guitar. Signed to K-Money Entertainment, the breakout “Holiday” ft. Davido proved Tekno would become a household name, now reigning at #5.

His early dedication has paid off with consistently impressive releases. Renowned for versatility across hip-hop, R&B, and Afrobeat, his standout “Pana” earned local and international acclaim. By December 2023, it had amassed over 204 million YouTube views. From prodigy to superstar, Tekno’s journey has been fueled by musical mastery.

His hit-making skills were evident from the start but have only sharpened with time. Comfortable in any genre, Tekno keeps audiences captivated.

His early investment in honing his craft is clear today. Years later, “Pana” exemplifies his ease at producing timeless hits. Tekno continues to evolve, but his undisputed talent remains.

6. P-Square

Once undisputed kings holding the number one spot, P-Square now sits at number six in 2024’s rankings. The twins drew inspiration from Bobby Brown to Michael Jackson, honing their singing and dancing while in school music and drama clubs.

Their artistic talent and choreographed routines soon made them Jos City sensations at school events. From pop-dance upstarts to household names, their trajectory was set. Between 2017-2021, turmoil erupted when the brothers split, Peter becoming Mr. P and Paul adopting Rudeboy.

But in a 2021 viral video, their elder brother/manager Jude reunited the duo, joyfully celebrating P-Square’s return. Now in 2024, they remain forces.

Multi-platinum status and over 128 million YouTube views of “Personally” by December 2023 demonstrate their sustained influence. Despite the recent tumult, P-Square’s imprint on the scene is indelible.

From schoolboys to superstars, their precise choreography and silky harmonies captivated audiences. Momentary tensions aside, their artistic vision shines through. Though rankings have changed, their signature sound stands the test of time. P-Square’s magic endures, ensuring their longevity at the pinnacle of Nigerian pop.

7. Kizz Daniel

When your hit gets a president dancing, you know it’s big. For Kizz Daniel, “Buga” hit astronomical heights, even getting the Liberian president grooving on TikTok. But Kizz Daniel’s ascent began in university, where he nurtured his vocal talent while studying.

In 2015, he released the breakout “Laye” and dropped his debut album New Era in 2016. After exiting label G-Worldwide, he launched his own FLYBOY I.N.C., signing Demmie Vee and Philkeyz. Early hit “Woju” fueled his 2014 rise. Known for feel-good club bangers, he consistently delivers heat.

But 2022’s “Buga” brought next-level success. Its infectiously upbeat Afropop sound captured hearts worldwide. By December 2023, it had amassed 180 million YouTube views. When iconic figures like George Weah join viral dance challenges, you’ve made it.

From promising student to label owner, Kizz Daniel’s dedication shows. Each release outdoes the last as he evolves into a global force. He mastered the formula for timeless hits that get people moving. With “Buga” taking over the world, Kizz Daniel proves he has the Midas touch when it comes to crafting smash after smash.

8. Fireboy DML

Dubbed Ed Sheeran’s “favorite artist” after their smash “Peru,” Fireboy DML has steadily risen. Hailing from Abeokuta, he honed his art in the church choir before developing his sound at university. Breakout “Jealous” first appeared on YBNL’s 2018 compilation before being re-released in 2019.

Citing influences like Jon Bellion and Wande Coal, Fireboy emerged as a top Nigerian talent. His collaboration with Sheeran on “Peru” proved a chart-topping triumph, amassing over 190 million YouTube views by December 2023. This brilliant fusion of talents cemented Fireboy’s stardom.

Other milestones like FC Bayern Munich using “Champion” and FIFA including “Scatter” have showcased his talent worldwide.

From choirboy to global sensation, Fireboy’s trajectory has impressed. His soulful voice and knack for hooks have captured millions. With co-signs from legends like Sheeran, Fireboy’s ceiling keeps rising. Yet through all the success, he stays true to his artistry.

Fireboy has all the makings of an icon in the making. With a steady rise fueled by celestial talent, his story feels just beginning. The hits will keep coming as Fireboy DML shines brighter.

9. Flavour

From early collaborations like “Sexy Rosey” with P-Square, Flavour’s mastery has earned him the #9 spot for top Nigerian artists. Hailing from Enugu State, Flavour’s impressive Igbo vocals were honed in his church choir from age 13.

His pastor introduced him to Chris Odor of SoundCity, who gave him a scholarship to study music production. After mastering drums and keyboards, Flavour emerged in Enugu’s music scene providing vocals and instrumentation. Performing at City Centre inspired greater heights.

With educational polish, Flavour released his 2005 debut N’abania on Obaino Music, never looking back. His Pan-African appeal and adaptability have made him a versatile staple.

The infectious “Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix)” brought widespread fame. By December 2023, “Time to Party” had amassed 121 million YouTube views, affirming his celeb status.

From church choirboy to bonafide hitmaker, Flavour’s journey shows dedication pays off. His flawless Igbo flow captivates, while productions like “Time to Party” get audiences moving. Flavour knows how to craft a catchy, feel-good jam.

With educational roots but innate talent, he’s become a Nigerian institution. Flavour’s enduring party anthems will keep shutting down dancefloors across Africa and beyond.

10. Ayra Starr

At just 21, Ayra Starr’s meteoric rise has inspired many. Raised in a musical household, she began singing in school choirs and writing songs alongside her brother by age 10. During college, bullies targeted her for her youthful appearance, but she found solace in music, channeling idols like Nicki Minaj.

With her mother’s encouragement, Starr pursued her ambitions, signing with a Lagos modeling agency in 2018 while posting covers online. Discovered by label exec Don Jazzy, she inked with Mavin Records in 2019 and released her acclaimed Afropop-R&B debut EP in 2021.

The lone woman in Nigeria’s male-dominated top 10, Starr is breaking boundaries. Her 2022 smash “Rush” brought global fame, charting internationally while earning a landmark Grammy nod.

Within just 5 months, it became the first African female video to reach 100 million views, now exceeding 269 million by December 2023.

From schoolgirl songwriter to global phenom, Starr’s inspiring trajectory proves unstoppable. Music provided an escape from bullies; her mother nurtured a gift.

From model to Mavin Records, the hits kept coming. Now her art uplifts worldwide. At 21, Starr is just getting started. With youth and vision on her side, the best is yet to come.

That wraps up our list of the top 10 Nigerian music artists who are making major waves in 2024. From veterans to rookie sensation, these musicians represent Nigeria’s booming music industry.

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