Market Research Company in Botswana

Market Research Company in Botswana

We at Research 8020 are one of the most reputable and progressive digital age market research company in Botswana. We specialize in quantitative as well as qualitative market research . Our market research techniques and tools help you identify the areas where your business can flourish the most. From initial briefing to data delivery and more, our expert executives certainly manage all the projects with sheer diligence.

Using fully trained, multilingual interviewers, centrally and consistently managed, we undertake majority of our data collection from our Botswana based office. Our unique approach to market research focuses more on one-on-one personal interactions to ensure a proper understanding of client’s target market.

Through our cutting-edge technologies, research techniques and analysis tools, we make sure that our clients receive the most appropriate data through a fully effective project execution.

Some of the market research services in Botswana we provide include:

Our crew of research analysts is competent enough to offer you with resourceful & engaging surveys that are certain to offer you with superior outcomes. By using smart strategies & formats we help you acquire more conversions & improved quality surveys with our questionnaire designs.

Since we have been serving this industry for over 20 years, we undoubtedly have the needed skills as well as expertise to offer clients with precise online market research services. You can expect us to help you right from primary data collection, database maintenance, questionnaire design, market segmentation, desk research, market sizing, profiling, etc.

Our team is made up of qualitative & quantitative data management professionals. They expertise in monitoring and evaluation survey as a part of our comprehensive market research services.

As a part of marketing research, we also offer fieldwork and data collection to accomplish projects swiftly. We collect data by making use of telephonic, face to face, mobile and online interviews.

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Quick statistics of BOTSWANA

Country Botswana
National Population 2,254,126
Capital City Gaborone
Capital Population 331,700
Official Language
GDP Nominal $18.6B
GDP Per Capita $7,859
Life Expectancy
69 years
Literacy Rate 86%
Employment Rate 55%
Poverty Rate
Mobile Penetration 150%
Internet Penetration 47%