Research 8020 offers the following market research solution:

Advertising research

This is an effective market research solution for assessing the effectiveness of advertising on TV, radio, online, billboard and print..

Why do we need advertising research?

Advertising pretesting: Before you spend 110% of your marketing budget on booking media space, billboards, roadshows and what have you, why not spend a fraction of that budget and check whether your ad is communicating the intended message? Is it getting the audience’s attention? Do they like it?  Or if at all they will remember it?

Advertising post testing: After the media companies are paid, the below the line agencies sorted how do we know if the campaign was effective? What is our ROI? What did people understand? How come you are not getting as many inquiries/sales as you thought?

Brand health research

Is a market research solution that assesses how favorable consumers view your brand.

Why do we need brand health research?

You have just noticed a sharp decline in your sales whereas all your competition seems to be doing ok. Or the opposite – there is an unexplained rise in sales, all-of-a-sudden you cannot meet the demand in the market. A brand health survey is recommended – it will tell you; What consumers associate with your brand,  the key traits that describe the brand premise, what they like, improvements that can be made and what you can learn from others in your industry. Brand health research is especially important if you want to have a feel of how your brand is fairing against the competition.


Cultural research

It is a market research solution that observes and predicts the changes brought on by new or existing cultural trends

Why do we need cultural research?

This type of research is useful in understanding areas such as fashion, music, films, television, youth culture and lifestyle. It is hard to keep up with millennials anyway…

Buyer decision process research

Is a market research solution that helps determine what motivates people to buy.

Why do we need buyer decision process research?

Through the sales funnel, consumers go through different phases. This type of research helps identify key interactions and decision making process that they use to determine which product to purchase or which service to use. An organization has to be in touch with the customers feelings, motivations, needs and expectations to provide an outstanding product or service. This is particularly important for products or services where consumers take a considerable amount of time before purchase such as insurance or buying motor vehicles.

Customer satisfaction research

These market research solution yields an understanding of a customers satisfaction with a transaction, communication, product or your touch points.

Why do we need customer satisfaction research?

Satisfied customers always come back… and they bring their friends. And the opposite is also true. The only way to know if your sales team, relationship team or front office team is living up to the standards set by the company is to know if the customers are in actual fact happy. These studies work very well for those in the service industry.

Demand estimation research

This market research solution determines the approximate level of demand for a product or service

Why do we need demand estimation research?

Before you invest so much in launching a product or service into a new market, spend a few minutes looking into whether there is an actual demand for your product… and if the demand is large enough to yield commercial scale.

Channel audit

It assesses distributors/wholesalers and retailers attitude towards a company

Why do we need distribution audits?

To help you understand who the retailers are stocking, how much they stock, how much of your competition are they selling? and the reasons thereof.


Mystery shopping

This is a type of research whereby a researcher anonymously contacts your frontline staff with a sales request or complaint

Why do we need mystery shopping?

This tool helps you measure service quality and reveal how employee contact with customers is manifested in satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Positioning research

This measures how the target market sees your brand relative to your competitors

Why do we need positioning research?

This studies what the brand stands for, what you are doing right (or wrong) and what your competitors are offering and areas you need to defend or catch up.

Pricing research

This determines how sensitive customers are to price changes and how optimal your price is based on how much the consumer is willing to pay for your product or service.

Why do we need piecing research?

Have you under-priced yourself? What is the ideal pricing? Are you thinking of increasing the price and wondering what effect it will have on your customers?

What is segmentation research?

 It determines the demographic and psychographic and behavioral characteristics of potential buyers

Segmentation research

It allows your marketing and sales team to focus on a set of consumer segments that are most likely to buy what you have to offer. It helps you develop new packages that meet the needs of your target market.

Store audits

They measure the sales of a product and its competitors from retailers

Why do we need store audits?

It will determine your market share. It also helps check on stocking, pricing, forward share etc

Internet Intelligence

This looks for peoples opinion about your products or service in the internet

Why do we need internet intelligence?

Is there a chat or blog that is discussing your products negatively? Did someone have a bad experience with your service and is expressing this opinion somewhere?