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Market Research Company in Mozambique

Research 8020 is your trusted market research company in Mozambique. We have a team of research specialists who’ll join hands with you to pinpoint your business objectives, develop an appropriate research approach and most importantly deliver it within the limits of your budget. We provide end to end research starting from ‘Research design’ to ‘Report presentation’. In addition, we offer advance research services by not only associating with our customers in executing the solution but also post execution analysis.

At Research 8020, we take pride in offering complete research solutions & strategic intelligence services. We assist our clients to get ahead of their competitors especially by offering critical information to identify and evaluate the market need, size and competition. Be it introducing a new product or planning to jump into any other kind of risk bearing initiatives, with our competent market research, we can assist businesses get a strong hold over their endeavors. Our crew of market research experts is trained to deal with any sort of need of global clients.

Our market research services in Mozambique;

Our crew of Market Research analysts in Mozambique is competent enough to offer you with resourceful & engaging surveys that are certain to offer you with superior outcomes. By using smart strategies & formats we help you acquire more conversions & improved quality surveys with our questionnaire designs.

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is vital to ensuring that lessons are learned in terms of what works and what doesn’t in development. Moreover, understanding how and why programs lead to desired (or undesired) outcomes can provide an evidence base for future policy making and project planning. M&E additionally supports the need for aid agencies to be accountable for and demonstrate the results of their programs.

Our Monitoring and Evaluation services support proof based decision-making focusing on the full data lifecycle to make sure that quality data & information are translated into knowledge and action. We also leverage our institutional strengths and technology to improve our monitoring and evaluation services.

 At Research 8020, we offer fieldwork and data collection services to accomplish projects swiftly. We use advanced technology in our fieldwork and data collection, which makes it the most effective solution for your business growth. From designing the survey to analyzing the data, our experienced team of researchers undoubtedly understand the process. We also employ backend quality controls to ensure the reliability of our data through leveraging on technology. All this allows us to provide precise feedback of the highest standards in record time and minimal price.

We are your trusted and reliable market research company in Mozambique. Contact us today!

Quick statistics of Mozambique
Country Mozambique
National Population 32,163,047
Capital City Maputo
Population 1.3m
Other Notable Cities
  1. Matola
  2. Nampula
  3. Beira
GDP Nominal $14B
GDP Per Capita  $475
Life Expectancy
61 years
Literacy Rate 47%
Employment Rate 75%
Poverty Rate
Mobile Penetration 52%
Internet Penetration 10%